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I recently read about a story on a website called, “The Mighty”. It was a story about a dog named, Nova, who was found abandoned in the woods. She was scared and had no idea how she got there. The owner of the dog, Michael, was worried that Nova might be in danger. He took her to his house, where he began to treat her like a child. He fed her, played with her, and took her for walks.

After a few weeks, Nova became more comfortable around people and other dogs. She even learned to walk on a leash.

Michael decided to take Nova to a place where she could live with other dogs. He wanted to make sure that Nova would be happy and that she would have the best chance to live a normal life.

The owner of the facility, named “Sandy’s Kennels”, agreed to take Nova in. The staff at Sandy’s Kennels knew that Nova was scared. They also knew that she was a rescue dog and had been through a lot. They promised to make her feel safe and to give her all the love and attention that she needed.

A few days later, Nova arrived at Sandy’s Kennels. The staff was amazed by how well she adapted to her new environment. Nova was a little shy at first, but she soon learned to trust everyone around her. She quickly learned to play with other dogs and to follow commands. She even learned how to walk on a leash.

After Nova settled into her new home, Michael took her to a local park. He wanted her to meet other dogs. Nova had never seen any other dogs before, so she was very excited. She ran up to the other dogs and sniffed them. They were all friendly and wanted to play with her. Nova had never met other dogs before, but she loved them.

One day, Nova was playing with another dog at the park. The two of them were running around the park when they saw a little girl. The girl was walking down the path and looking at the dogs. Nova and the other dog started to bark at the girl. The girl turned and walked away. Nova was scared and ran after her.

The little girl came back and petted Nova. Nova looked at her and wagged her tail. Nova was relieved that the little girl was okay.

Michael came to the park that day. He told Nova that he wanted her to be a therapy dog. He said that she could help people who were sick or hurt. Nova was happy to help others. She even learned how to carry a small child on her back.

One day, Michael took Nova to a hospital. Nova was very excited to visit the hospital because she had never been there before. The nurses and doctors were amazed by Nova’s ability to calm and comfort the children. They loved her and were glad that she was there.

Sandy’s Kennels decided to adopt Nova. She became one of their therapy dogs. Nova loved helping people and would go wherever her owner went. She was a great therapy dog and loved her job.

Nova helped kids and adults with special needs. She helped them to smile and to feel better. Nova made a lot of friends at Sandy’s Kennels. She even made a few new friends at the park. Nova was a great therapy dog and had a wonderful life.

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