Electric Dog Fence Systems – Why you should use them

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Dog fences have been around for a while, but it has only been in the last few years that they have become a necessity. A lot of families and homeowners' associations are now requiring that all pets be contained in one area with an electric dog fence system or some other type of pet containment system.

Electric dog fence systems are a great way to contain your pet and keep them from running off or causing problems with the neighbors, but finding the right one for you can be difficult. That's where this article comes in.

Types of Dog Fences

Fences, in general, are made up of four different types: barbed wire, electric fence, chain link, and invisible. So the first question to answer when choosing your fence is what type are you looking for?

Dog Fence Systems are all about convenience for both you and your dog. They're designed to be installed on any shape of the property, so they can cover a wide range of needs. The systems are usually easy to install by yourself in just minutes without having to tear up your lawn.

Chain Link Fence vs. Electric Fence is a question about which type of fence is better for the lawn in terms of durability, maintenance, and cost. Chain link fences are made out of metal links, which are normally coated in black paint. They are usually cheaper than electric fences, but they require more maintenance because the chain link needs to be replaced periodically. Electric fences are made out of thin wires, which are electrified. They are more expensive to maintain than chain link fences, but they require less maintenance because the wire does not need to be replaced.

Solid Barrier vs. Virtual GPS

A solid barrier is an obstruction that has a physical mass. It can be made out of concrete, steel, or even dirt. The benefit of having a solid barrier is that it provides direct protection from the outside. It is also possible to place sensors on top of the barrier (e.g., cameras).

Virtual GPS is a system that uses satellites, cellular signals, or a combination of the two to determine a user's location. The benefit of virtual GPS is that it can be placed anywhere and doesn't require a physical barrier.

Indoor vs. portable

Indoor fences are preferable for pets because they're safe, secure, and can be used anywhere you like. These barriers are probably the cheapest option for travelers who haven't found their forever home yet. Portable fencing systems provide that same convenience to outdoor enthusiasts without compromising on safety or security.

What is an electric dog fence?

An electric dog fence creates an invisible boundary so that your dog can roam the property. This is done by using a wire and a two-way radio signal to work in conjunction with one another. Electric dog fences work by sending a radio signal to the transmitter and receiver, which is connected via wire. The device emits an electric field that makes it difficult for your pet to cross over or around the fence without triggering an alarm.

The benefits of using this type of system include:

  • It's effective at keeping pets within specified boundaries because they can't jump over or dig under them as physical barriers do.
  • There are no chemicals involved.
  • With advances in technology, the range has doubled over time.
  • It's also quite cheap to install

Wireless Dog Fence

A wireless dog fence system is a safe and humane way to keep your pet in or out of a certain area. These systems use radio signals that are transmitted from the transmitter that is placed around the boundary, while the receiver is attached to your pet's collar. It gives a mild shock when the animal crosses its boundary, which will make them stay in their designated area.

electric dog fence

The wireless dog fence is a great way to keep your pup safe while camping. If you're going on a long trip and need some peace of mind, the best option would be the wireless dog collar with remote control.

To make it easier on those who don't have the time, space, or budget to build a normal fence for their dog and still want to prevent him from running away, they should consider installing a wireless dog fence. The wireless dog fence is simple and easy to install.

In-Ground or Invisible Dog Fence

An in-ground fence is a more permanent solution to contain your dog. Invisible fences are an easier option for those who do not want to install anything on their property or have space restrictions.

Underground dog fences are also referred to as invisible fences. They consist of underground wires that run along the perimeter of your property and transmit a signal to an electric collar on the pet's neck.

Invisible fences, on the other hand, use a dog collar to send an audible warning. The receiver responds by increasing or decreasing their range and can be attached in many places around your home.

Invisible dog fences are a great option if you want to teach your pet where the boundaries of their yard are. The fence is buried in the ground and dogs learn quickly that they can't cross it because otherwise, there will be consequences.

In-ground or invisible dog fences are used for boundary shapes. It can be any shape you like and it's up to the owner what type of fence they would like.

In-ground invisible fence systems are great for large areas, but they require a lot of time and effort to install. Wired underground dog fences are easier to set up, but can only be used in small yards or on smaller dogs.

What to consider when choosing the best invisible dog fence?

Invisible dog fencing is a popular elective option for pet owners who want to keep their pets safe without putting up a traditional fence. Invisible Dog Fence Systems are becoming more and more popular as they're safer for your pet, easier to use, and less likely to fail. However, there is a lot of competition in the market so it's important that you do your research before making a purchase. Always consider the following points before you decide to purchase one.

Area coverage

There are a variety of electric dog fence systems to suit your needs. Each system has a different coverage area, correction levels, and transmitter options. The invisible fence provides up to 1/2 acre of protection with the transmitter for a smaller underground system and can create up to a half-acre circular barrier. These fences will keep your pets safe from wandering into dangerous areas or off property boundaries without having an ugly, unsightly wire running across the yard. The electric invisible dog fence provides different size zones depending on the area of coverage. Invisible dog fencing systems are available for yards of various shapes and sizes.

Receiver Collars for multiple dogs

An invisible dog fence relies on a collar to send an electric signal to the dogs. The collar notifies or corrects the dog when they violate the boundaries of their space, get too close or cross a boundary. The dog learns after several corrections that it is not allowed to go past the invisible fence because they will get shocked if they do so. Invisible dog fence collars are different from traditional metal or plastic ones. You need to buy an additional collar for your specific system, and most electronic fences allow you to use these collars with multiple dogs.

Battery Backup and Surge Protector

Electric dog fence systems are always on, which means they need batteries to stay powered. When the power goes out, the system needs a surge protector to keep working for your pet. Wireless invisible dog fences with battery backup are best because they're versatile and can be used during power failures.

Try to buy a wireless dog fence with battery backup facilities. This will protect your investment and give you peace of mind that the device will still work even during power outages.

Easy Installation

An electric invisible dog fence is easier to install than an underground one. Electric systems are cheaper and easier to set up. The transmitter is plugged into a wall outlet and then adjusted to the desired location.

Pros and Cons of an Electric Dog Fence

An electric dog fence is a great option for those who have the time and patience to set up their boundary without any help. In addition, it's easier than other types of fences because you only need to plug in the unit and place flags around your yard.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not require repair
  • Dog stays in the yard without physical fence


  • No protection from outdoor intruders
  • Dog can escape when power is off or battery runs out

What are the benefits of electric dog fences?

There are many benefits of electric dog fences. They offer a way to keep your pet safe and at the same time give them freedom. They also offer a way to prevent roaming and reduce the risk of getting hit by a car.

Electric invisible dog fences are very safe as they don’t use any type of shock. They also offer a way to keep your pet off the furniture and out of the trash can.

Electric invisible dog fences work by sending a harmless signal to your pet. This can be done with either an electric wire buried in the ground or through wireless technology. The system is very easy and quick to install.

If you are looking for a safe, simple, and cost-effective way of keeping your pet in the yard or out of undesirable areas, then an electric dog fence is perfect for you! Electric dog fences are the most humane, fastest, and easiest way to keep your dogs in your yard. They're great for busy families who don't have time to always be watching their pup.

How to train your pet with an electric fence?

The goal is to train your pet not to go near the wire by giving them an unpleasant experience when they touch it.

  • Layout the wire and attach it to a sturdy stake.
  • Put your dog on a leash or inside of an electric pet fence collar designed for dogs.  The system will sense your dog's proximity to the wire and start emitting an electric pulse.
  • Keep your pet close to the wire until they get used to it.
  • Turn on the system and let your dog wander around the yard.
  • Give them a treat or praise when they don't go near the wire.
  • Turn off the system and remove it from your pet's neck, when not needed.

Will an electric dog fence hurt my dog?

An electric dog fence is a type of electric fencing that uses an electronic transmitter to send a shock to your pet when it comes in contact with the fence. The electrical current used by the fence is typically low enough not to hurt the dog. To avoid any harm, your pet must remain a safe distance from the fence at all times. In addition, it is important to never leave your pet unattended by an electric dog fence while you are away from home.

Why you should use an electric invisible dog fence?

In the past, people have been using barbed wire to try and keep their pets from going near a certain area. But now there is a better way to keep them in line using an electric invisible dog fence. There are many benefits of these fences, but the greatest one is that there is no need for a visible wire or stake to be mounted in the ground. These fences are much more convenient and less damaging to your yard, as it does not need any holes or visible markers. They also offer a greater range than traditional fencing types because there is no need for a physical barrier.

Are wireless dog fences safe for humans?

Wireless dog fences are safe for humans and pets. They may be used for large-scale containment of dogs, livestock, or wildlife without the need to physically touch or handle them.

What is the average cost of an electric fence?

The average cost of an electric fence is about $250. The price for this type of fencing can vary depending on the size, materials, and how it's installed.

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